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Our activities

Sallux exchanges information and ideas and increases spreading of new vision with positive influence for the European society. Sallux is eager to work with professionals but will always keep the citizens approach. This means that whatever Sallux does – events or publications – it will be understandable and in the interest of the common man.

Sallux is actively involved in a number of activities:

Organising inspiring events

Sallux’s events are organised in cooperation with our members and partners across Europe. Some well-established events include:

  • State of Europe Forum (#SOEF). The aim of the SOEF is to evaluate the Europe of today in light of the vision of the EU’s founding father, Robert Schuman, for Europe as a ‘community of peoples deeply rooted in Christian basic values’: equality, freedom, solidarity and peace.
  • European Economic Summit (#EES). The EES aims to introduce new paradigms for finance and the economy that are inspired by Christian tradition, faith and thought, and to present transformational businesses as new models for poverty alleviation and sustainable economies. The summit is an invitation-only meeting for leaders in the fields of business, economics and government who want to stimulate change. Klein detailfoto’s EES2015(1) en (2)

Publishing relevant publications

  • Startup Europe: the entrepreneurs transforming Europe by Hermund Haaland (Skaperkraft)
  • After Capitalism: Rethinking Economic Relationships by Paul Mills and Michael Schluter
  • A Community of Peoples: Europe’s values and public justice in the EU by S. Luitwieler

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Besides our work as the ECPM Foundation, we also offer our experience, knowledge and network in support of minorities who need a voice in the European and national political landscapes. One example is our work in support of minorities in Iraq and Syria. “Sallux has supported us to find our way in the European Union and to reach out to European decision makers, and to create our common declaration with the Yezidi and the Turkmen. We thank Sallux for their work.”

Rima Tüzun, Head of Foreign Affairs, European Syriac Union