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If you want peace, prepare for war

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ISBN: 978-94-92697-37-0
Subtitle: an essay on just war.

this book is a comprehensive exposition of classic 'Just War' doctrine going back to St. Augustine of Hippo and St Thomas Aquinas with a strong argument that these ancient principles have stood the test of time and should still be determinant of the ethics of warfare.

About the author

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François-Régis Legrier currently is a colonel in the French army. A graduate of the French War College and holder of a Master ‘Religion, culture and politics at the Practical School of Advanced Studies St. Cyr), he was notably a student of the professor of strategy Hervé Coutau-Bégarie and has been interested in the history and the disciplines of the soul and the spirit to better apprehend the confl icts of our world. Col. Legrier commanded the French task force ‘Wagram’ in Iraq and Syria, which supported the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in North-East Syria fighting ISIS on the ground. In 2019 he made international headlines because he wrote an opinion article in the offi cial French military newspaper, about the way the US-led coalition fought the battles. The article was titled: ‘The battle of Hajin: tactical victory or strategic defeat?’ In 2022, he published an article titled: ‘the catholic church and the nuclear deterrance: utopia or clari ty?’ This article was part of a collective work called ‘The Church and political power.’ written under the direction of Ludovic Laloux.