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Director – Johannes de Jong

Johannes de Jong has been working for Sallux since it’s start in 2011. He has been focusing on economy and international relations with a specific attention to those who are quickly overlooked in the global economy and geopolitics. For him salt means that we as Christians need to be sharp and clear (‘salted debate’) and practical in order to prevent that the most oppressed are forgotten in economy and international relations. Light means for him that it is often necessary to shed a new light at the issues and to work on new paradigms in order to find solutions that solve the underlying issues in the challenges we are confronted with.   


  • General management

  • Finance

  • Project application process

  • Research & studies

  • Publication management

  • Consultancy & Political advice

Expert in:

  • (European) politics

  • Global affairs

  • Economic policy

Contact: jdejong@sallux.eu

Christiaan Meinen

Christiaan has gained a lot of experience in several administrative, supportive and events creating positions, projects and jobs. Being salt and light for Christiaan means: “Asking for His presence in every step of life, whatever the cost and whatever it may take and make it honestly visible”. Christiaan has an interest in geopolitics, (EU) foreign policies, sustainability, and military doctrine, technologies, and policies.


  • Office management

  • Event management

  • Social media & website

  • Promotion & marketing

Expert in:

  • International trade

  • Global environmental issues

  • Defence & Security policy


Nelly Beeker

Nellie has been active within the sphere of humanitarian projects ever since the start of her university course in Linguistics at the faculty of humanities. Studying and working within this scope and growing up between several cultures has blessed her with multilingual communication skills.
“Salt and Light” to Nellie means to do her best to portrait His likeness by having the courage to reach out unto the dark in order to shine his Light trusting we will not lose eyesight. Spread "Salt" in order to rebuild trusting we won’t cut ourselves on the shattered pieces.


  • Administrative support to board and foundation members

  • Social media & website

  • Office Management

Contact: nbeeker@sallux.eu


Jacoline Waaijenberg

Jacoline has a BA in History (University of Utrecht). Salt and Light means for her to do our utmost best, knowing the end result is not up to us.


  • Research

  • Communication

Contact: jwaaijenberg@sallux.eu