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The paperback publications in our bookstore are Printed on Demand (PoD). The reason for this is that we want to produce locally, as close to our customers as possible and keep our stocks limited. Production and delivery times can, therefore, vary from country to country. Bookstores and other organisations can inquire for the order process here.


Two States for Two Peoples?

€ 19.50
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict, international law and European Union policy

E-BOOK: €7.99

A Community of Peoples

€ 10.00
Europe's values and public justice in the EU. By Sander Luitwieler.

From Extraction to Creation

€ 10.00
Towards a Stakeholder Economy

E-BOOK: €2.49

Thoughtful Eating

€ 14.50
a biblical perspective on food, relationships and the environment. By Hannah Eves, Katherine Martin, Andrew Phillips, Peter Redmayne.

E-BOOK: €2.49

A Relational Vision for Europe

€ 12.50
Revitalising Christian Democracy today, by Matthew N. Williams

E-BOOK: €2.49

A Relational Agenda

€ 20.00
how putting relationships first can reform European society. By Jonathan Tame.

E-BOOK: €7.49

After Capitalism

€ 12.50
Rethinking Economic Relationships. By Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter.

In the image of God

€ 20.00
The Worldwide Church and its Political Mission. By Madelon Grant.

Confederal Europe

€ 15.00
A relational Economic Plan | Strong nations, strong union. By David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter.


€ 15.00
the entrepreneurs transforming Europe.. By Nicolai Strøm-Olsen, Hermund Haaland.

Stronger Families for a Flourishing Society

€ 10.00
Reflections on families as the cornerstone of society. By FAFCE.

Economics of the Family

€ 15.00
Theories, institutions, policies and values. By Lubomír Mlcoch.

Political Wisdom

€ 15.00
A future for Christian politics. By Rob Nijhoff.

E-BOOK: €4.49

In essence Economy is about life!

€ 10.00
Relationships as guiding principles for a new economy. By Dirk Bezemer, Lans Bovenberg.


€ 14.50
Destiny and Purpose Rediscovered Through The Nehemiah Template. By Paul L. Cuny.

Secrets of the Kingdom Economy

€ 13.50
How You Can Flourish in God s Economy. By Paul L. Cuny.

Confederal Europe 2

€ 10.00
A Political and Societal view for Stakeholder Nations. By David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter.