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Two States for Two Peoples?

€ 19.50
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict, international law and European Union policy

From Extraction to Creation

€ 10.00
Towards a Stakeholder Economy

E-BOOK: €2.49

A Relational Vision for Europe

€ 12.50
Revitalising Christian Democracy today, by Matthew N. Williams

E-BOOK: €2.49

Thoughtful Eating

€ 14.50
a biblical perspective on food, relationships and the environment. By Hannah Eves, Katherine Martin, Andrew Phillips, Peter Redmayne.

A Relational Agenda

€ 20.00
how putting relationships first can reform European society. By Jonathan Tame.

E-BOOK: €7.49

A Community of Peoples

€ 10.00
Europe's values and public justice in the EU. By Sander Luitwieler.

In the image of God

€ 20.00
The Worldwide Church and its Political Mission. By Madelon Grant.

Confederal Europe

€ 15.00
A relational Economic Plan | Strong nations, strong union. By David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter.

After Capitalism

€ 12.50
Rethinking Economic Relationships. By Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter.


€ 15.00
the entrepreneurs transforming Europe.. By Nicolai Strøm-Olsen, Hermund Haaland.

In essence Economy is about life!

€ 10.00
Relationships as guiding principles for a new economy. By Dirk Bezemer, Lans Bovenberg.

Secrets of the Kingdom Economy

€ 13.50
How You Can Flourish in God s Economy. By Paul L. Cuny.

Confederal Europe 2

€ 10.00
A Political and Societal view for Stakeholder Nations. By David John Lee, Dr. Paul Mills, Dr. Michael Schluter.

Economics of the Family

€ 15.00
Theories, institutions, policies and values. By Lubomír Mlcoch.

Stronger Families for a Flourishing Society

€ 10.00
Reflections on families as the cornerstone of society. By FAFCE.

Political Wisdom

€ 15.00
A future for Christian politics. By Rob Nijhoff.

E-BOOK: €4.49


€ 14.50
Destiny and Purpose Rediscovered Through The Nehemiah Template. By Paul L. Cuny.