Sallux is a platform where you can make a difference! As a platform, Sallux wants to connect with European citizens from every walk of life. Sallux invites you to attend and participate in our pan-European events, to read our publications, articles and studies and to make our work possible. In order to carry out the important work of connecting (Christian) Citizens and their (political) ideas and to influence developments in Europe, we really need your support and prayers. Your donation has a real impact on European society: every euro donated to Sallux will result in an additional 6-euro subsidy from the European Parliament.



Other ways to donate:

  • Bank transfer: Rabobank Amersfoort.
    • Reference: donation Sallux
    • IBAN: NL75RABO 0153731095
    • BIC (SWIFT code): RABONL2U
  • At our events, you can donate by either card or cash

Sallux is classified as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) by Dutch law and therefore has ANBI status.

What others say:
“Sallux is an excellent and badly needed umbrella body for similar minded Christian organisations all over Europe. It is making a very important contribution to keeping Christian Democracy alive in Europe as a viable political idea.” David Quinn, Director, Iona Institute, Ireland
“Our collaboration with Sallux has been tremendously fruitful, and we commend them highly for their wise and strategic investment in helping Christians to be more effective as salt and light in the European public square”. Jonathan Tame, Director, Jubilee Centre, UK
“Sallux has provided substantial and very valuable support to our promotion of the rights of the family in Europe at the Council of Europe, a 27 Member States wide European institution that rules over Human Rights in Europe.” Maria Hildingsson, Director, FAFCE, Brussels
“Sallux has supported us to find our way in the European Union and to reach out to European decision makers, and to create our common declaration with the Yezidi and the Turkmen. We thank Sallux for their work.” Rima Tüzun, Head of Foreign Affairs, European Syriac Union