About » Sallux Board

Chairman: David Fieldsend, England

David comes from England and began his working life as a town planner, first in East Africa and then in the south of England. He moved into EU Affairs in the 1990s, first representing Cornwall County Council, then a Christian NGO and now the Archbishop of Canterbury. He and his wife Anne have lived in Brussels since 2002. He took a postgrad course in Theology and has had an active Christian preaching ministry in his “spare” time since he was a student. He is particularly interested working out ethical issues practically and has a European Masters in Bioethics.

To him, being “Salt and Light” means learning Christian values and being willing to live by them.

Vice-Chairman: Antero Laukkanen, Finland

Antero is a Member of Parliament from Finland, Member of Committee of legal affairs, representing the constituency of Uusimaa for the Finnish Christian Democrat (Suomen Kristillisdemokraatit, KD) Party, led by Sari Essayah. He has served in the Espoo City Council since 2001. He is Member of the Audit Board, previously Vice-Chairman, Member of the Foreign Ministry's International Human Rights Advisory Board, member of the supervisory boards of regional councils (2004-2012), He is involved in social councils and associations including an initiative to assist low-income households and a center for drug addicts. He is Board Member of the Finnish Evangelical Alliance, and Board Member of Sallux.

For Antero to be Salt and Light means gain people's appreciation and respect, and serve with humility.

Treasurer: Walter van Luik, the Netherlands

Walter van Luik is the treasurer of Sallux. He works as a policy advisor for the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group in the European Parliament and is in that capacity also closely connected to our ECPM MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen. Walter specialises in foreign affairs, human rights and security and defence with a special focus on East and South-East Asia, Turkey and the Western Balkans. He has a Master's Degree in Public Administration in Erasmus University in Rotterdam. To him, being "Salt and Light" means spreading the savour and shine of the gospel and our Christian values throughout the world.

Secretary: Christophe Foltzenlogel, France

Christophe has been working as a legal expert for the European Centre for Law and Justice since 2012. Before working for this NGO defending family and freedom of religion, Christophe studied law at the faculty of Strasbourg (France) and validated his Master II in Human Rights with a Mémoire on « The Protection of Maternity and Family within the European Social Charter ».

Being « Salt and Light » for Christophe means to transmit Faith through different modern ways without losing its content.

Board member: Slawomir Adam Ducher, Poland

Sławomir is a law graduate from the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (Poland) and a Ph.D. candidate in the field of Constitutional Law. Between 2017 and 2019 he was working as a policy advisor in the European Parliament focused on Civil Liberties and Justice (LIBE Committee) and also involved in foreign affairs, mostly Eastern Partnership, relations with African countries and human rights issues.

Being ’Salt and Light’ for Sławomir means to live each day in accordance with the gospel and to always dedicate our choices, decisions, and simple activities to others.

Board Member: Valentina Rovinalti, Italy

Valentina Rovinalti is board member of Fondazione Magna Carta, one of the most relevant Italian thinktanks. The Foundation's reports, dossiers and papers are considered a relevant resource for Italian and European leaders and policy makers.
Before working in the NGO sector she has been working as Legislative Affairs Director at the Italian Parliament (Senate of Republic) and Italian Government for 9 years. She has a Master's degree in International Relations at LUISS Guido Carli University (Rome) and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science at University of Bologna.

To her Salt and Light is having the ambition to promote research, cultural reflection, political debate and to offer new ideas and proposals to face national and international challenges.

Board Member: Ralf Piekenbrock, Germany

Ralf Piekenbrock comes from Germany and has worked for the NRW police in various positions since 1985. In this way he also completed his studies there in 1993 with a degree of Administrative Management. On the second educational path he became a Financial Specialist. He is General Secretary of the Family Party Germany and heads the commission for the EU MEP's office in Brussels, standardizing internal security and counter-terrorism measures.
Christian principles such as charity are particularly important to him.

Salt and Light means to him, in a time of crisis, to make these beliefs the basis of human coexistence again.

Petru Beniamin Bulica, Romania

Petru is a founding board member of the Areopagus Centre, Timisoara. He is a graduate of the Politehnica University Timisoara and worked for ten years as a mechanical engineer. He has also done graduate and postgraduate theological studies at Brunel University, UK. Since 1991 Petru is the pastor of the First Baptist Church 'Betel' in Timisoara. He was involved in many mission trips in the Philippines, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Servia, Republic of Moldova.

Being Salt & Light for Petru means to be involved in developing servant leaders that lead like Jesus.

Board member: Annelie Enochson, Sweden

Annelie is an architect by profession but has also been active in politics. She was a member of the Swedish Parliament between 2000 and 2014 representing the Christian Democrats. The political focus of Annelie during her time in the Parliament concentrated on issues like freedom of speech and religion in Sweden and internationally as well as compassion for the less fortunate in the society. Additionally, Annelie has also been strongly committed to and defended the importance of the traditional family as the foundation stone for a strong and secure society.

Being Salt and Light for Annelie means to be a salt against the decomposition in the world and to point at Jesus Christ as the light of the world.

Board member: Gabriela Urbanova, Slovakia

Gabriela Urbanova is working as a policy advisor in the office of the Slovak Member of the European Parliament, Branislav  Škripek, where she is responsible for the economic and employment policies. Ms. Urbanova holds a PhD. in International economics. She has been teaching the subjects of International organisations and European integration at the State university of Slovakia and working as business consultant in Vienna and Bratislava. Gabriela was long term leading activities for Christian youth in Slovakia.

Board member: Adam Bohár, Hungary

Adam Bohár is from Hungary and has a wide variety of interests, spreading from nature conservation (which he got a bachelor degree in 2017) to international studies, where he focuses on the V4 region. He is a calvinist and to him Salt and Light means to fulfill his duties boldly and passionately, whether it means to serve with humility at the last row or lead in the first line.