Towards a Relational Europe
“Spoken Word ‘Human Together’: A Relational Economy.”
Political think tank Sallux presents ‘Human Together’, a vision on how a healthy economy could look like.
A Just Economy in Times of Global Crises
The world was and is in many areas in a turmoil: pandemic, war, energy scarcity, wheat price explosion, and many others. And everything is either impacted or has an impact on global economy. And on the top of it: Christians are in the midst of it. Therefore it matters how Christians think about the economy and act in the economy. It informs their choices as consumers and voters as well as entrepreneurs.
From Extraction to Creation
The aim of this report is to help us imagine a better common economic life, one which rewards all the stakeholders in business, rather than privileging the shareholding few. This tale of two cities is a true one. It happens all the time. It is happening now. Which City do you want to live in?

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Back to the roots?

Monday, February 6, 2023
The dominance of shareholders in the economy creates a situation that leads to extraction as primary mechanism in our economy in order to create continuous increasing dividends. Clearly, this is not only putting ever more pressure on workers but also on SME’s and natural resources. It should be obvious that this is an unsustainable situation. How is this connected to the migration and asylum crisis?

“Spoken Word ‘Human Together’: A Relational Economy.”

Friday, February 3, 2023
Political think tank Sallux presents ‘Human Together’, a vision on how a healthy economy could look like.

Looking back and looking forward in promoting human dignity

Monday, December 12, 2022
From the director: Summary of Sallux work in 2022 and Christmas greetings

System crisis requires systematic change

Thursday, July 7, 2022
Recently a number of Renew MEP’s (including those of the Dutch left-liberal D66 party) tried to exclude the pro-life lobby from the European Parliament. At the same time the communication by the D66 party over the intended nitrogen policy and the subsequent farmers protests in The Netherlands came across as aloof and uncaring.

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Sallux: Towards a Relational Europe

Sallux is a European political foundation. We cover a wide set of issues in cooperation with our members and partners. To present our work in a coherent manner we developed four streams that highlight our vision for the development of Europe and the global community:

“Sallux wants to spark a salted debate where needed and shed light on the issues we face.”

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Two States for Two Peoples?

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The Palestinian-Israeli conflict, international law and European Union policy

From Extraction to Creation

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Towards a Stakeholder Economy

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