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Our members

Sallux is delighted to have the following member organisations contributing to its work.

Do you see possibilities to become our partner? Please contact Sallux. (info@sallux.eu)

A Barankovics István Alapítvány (The Stephen Barankovics Foundation), Hungary

Areopagus, Romania

Foundation for Assistance of Democratic Initiatives, Ukraine

Foundation for International Christian Democratic Development, Netherlands

Jubilee Centre, United Kingdom

Keresztény Értelmiségiek Szövetsége (Federation of Christian Intellectuals), Hungary

PRO VITA București, Romania

Scientific Institute ChristianUnion, Netherlands

Scientific Institute SGP, Netherlands

The Schuman Centre for European Studies

World Teach, Romania

Kompassi KD thinktank, Finland

European Economic Summit, The Netherlands

Clapham Institute, Sweden

Integra, Macedonia

Association of Christians in Democracy, Spain

Family Forum Austria