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The 4th Industrial Revolution from an Ethical Perspective

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Subtitle: By Timo Plutschinski (editor).

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution ushers into a new era of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality, how should we respond to the societal and ethical dilemmas associated with this new age of transformative scientific power? This research highlights the need for an ethical and globally shared view on how technology affects the economic, social, cultural and spiritual aspects of daily life. With thanks to the international team of experts this book is outlining consequences of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in a broad range for business and work life, for leadership, for media and communication, for churches and for personal and family life. Authors are: Prof. Dr. Jack Barentsen (USA) Andrew Bunnell (USA) Jonathan Ebsworth (United Kingdom) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Henning (Germany) Prof. Dr. Bruce A. Little (USA) Jeremy Peckham (United Kingdom) Rev. Timo Plutschinski (Germany) Sallux Publishing ISBN 978-94-92697-20-2

Timo Plutschinski (editor)
Timo Plutschinski, an evangelical theologian, is Director of the World Evangelical Alliance's Business Coalition and member of the Wider WEA Leadership. He furthermore serves as Pastor of a Baptist Church in Hamburg and as a fellow at the Olivet Institute for Global Strategic Studies. Additionally he is partner of MIC Corporate Finances and MIC Ventures which provides, inter alia, a global M&A platform. Timo is Board member of the Christian Economic Forum and has received the Hope and a Future Award in 2018. Timo lives with his wife and their two daughters in Hamburg/Germany and has published 2 books in German language about Faith in Daily Business Life and Political Responsibility of Christians .