Publications » Two States for Two Peoples?
Two States for Two Peoples?

Category: Sallux publications
ISBN: 978-94-92697-318
Subtitle: The Palestinian-Israeli conflict, international law and European Union policy

The EU two-state policy concerning the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is failing, despite a half-century of strenuous EU efforts expending tens of billions of euros to implement it. The reality of policy failure is discomforting but must be acknowledged.

About the authors

Professor Wolfgang Bock studied Law and Political Science at the Universities of Geneva, Giessen and Frankfurt/Main. He has worked as judge at the Frankfurt/Main regional Court, as lecturer at the Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Marburg and as associate professor at the Justus Liebig University Giessen.

Andrew Tucker is a graduate of the Universities of Melbourne (BA, LLB) and Oxford (BCL). He has over 20 years experience as an attorney in Australia, UK and Netherlands, advising governments and corporations mainly in the energy, transport and telecom sectors.
He is co-founder of Thinc.