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Carpathian Diplomacy - Academy of Christian Foreign Affairs

When: Friday, November 10, 2017 08:00 - Sunday, November 12, 2017 16:00
Where: Saint Adalbert Centre Szent István tér 10, Esztergom, 2500, Hungary



“Christian diplomacy” or “Christian democratic foreign policy” are hard found these days. Only well-trained, committed Christian (democrat) diplomats, foreign and security policy experts as well as foreign policy makers who are self-conscious in their vocation and in their choice of values, can undertake in the hope of success with the support of the Hungarian Christian intelligentsia and communities of the Church in the Carpathian Basin.

There are a couple activities that could help in this renewal: the strengthening and training of people serving in the area, or rather the priming and orientation of a future Christian (democratic) “foreign affairs generation”. At the same time the initiation of a two-and-a-half daylong conference-course by the foreign policies’ academy will provide such a meeting that serves as a delightful experience for the up and coming generation.


Target audience

18–35-year-old Christian professionals, who are interested in foreign policy, i. e. students of universities/colleges, youngsters graduated from universities / colleges, civil servants, etc.


  • Dr. Zsolt Semjén, Deputy Prime Minister, the President of KDNP
  • Dr. János Horváth, Travelling Ambassador (acting)


Wishing to participate:

If you would like to participate in this conference, please contact our Hungarian partner:

Friday 10th November

08.00               (Special bus service to Esztergom, leaving from the leaving from Budapest, Flórián Mall’s parking lot)

09.00-09.45     Registration, welcoming participants, placing luggage in a room[1]

10.00-10.10     Worship with songs

10.10-10.40     Prayer, Bible reading, teaching, co-organising leaders’ salutation

10.40-11.10     Plenary by main patron: Our Ideals in following Christ, Part I. “Zoltán K. Kovács’s life and work”

11.10-11.30     “Spirituality, public life, ecumeny – prayer-breakfasts in our country and around the world”

11.30-12.00     Coffee Break

12.00-13.00     Masterclasses: team building

13.00-13.30     ECPM / Sallux introduction. Warm up for the afternoon workshops

13.30-15.00     Lunch

15.00-17.00     Panel 1[2]

15.00-15.25     1A section topic introducing lecture (key speaker 1A)

15.25-15.50     1B section topic introducing lecture (key speaker 1B)

15.50-16.00     Technical break, separation to parallel sections

16.00-17.00     Parallel sections

17.00-17.30     Coffee Break

17.30-19.30     Panel 2 (in the same structure as above)

19.30-20.30     Dinner

20.30-21.15     Summary of each section (with introduction of rappoteurs, 10 minutes/section)


Saturday 11th November

07.00-07.45     Breakfast

08.00-08.30     Saturday Ecumenical Devotions & Worship

08.30-10.00     Masterclasses: negotiation skills, representation in media, organising group work, time management

10.00-11.00     KDNP FAC cabinets / introduction of working groups

11.00-11.30     Coffee break

11.30-13.30     Panel 3 (same as above)

13.30-15.00     Lunch

15.00-17.00     Panel 4 (same as above)

17.00-17.15     Coffee break

17.20-18.00     Summary of each section (with introduction of rappoteurs, 10 minutes/section)

18.00-19.30     Free time, preparing for the party

20.00-22.00     Exclusive reception, wine cellar at “Prímás Pince” Restaurant

22.00-             Free programme: networking, dancing, R&R


Sunday 12th November

07.00-08.30     Breakfast

09.00-10.00     Protestant Service and Roman Catholic Holy Mass (parallel prayers)

10.45-11.45     Masterclasses: speechwriting, protocol, diplomatic skills, project management

11.45-12.15     Coffee Break

12.15-13.00     KDNP FAC summary / cabinet workshops

13.00-13.40     Plenary: Our Ideals in following Christ, Part II. “Robert Schuman, the believer and statesman – one of the founding fathers of the European Union”

13.40-14:00   Summary of Conference, Handing over Certificates of participation

14.00-           Banquet

16.00-           Farewell




Working titles and topics of Sections:

Persecution of Christians – Diplomacy of Religion

International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Actions

Migration, refugees

Security Policy

“Visegrad Four” Cooperation

Christian Values and European Affairs

“Hungarian Policy” in the Carpathian Basin and Minority Language Rights

Diplomacy for Economic and Trade Cooperation

[1] Accomodation only available after lunch.

[2] Titles and topics of sections: see in Appendix. Exact order and schedule of sections are pending.

Speakers TBC

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