Events » Christian Perspective for a United Europe: roots and future
Christian Perspective for a United Europe: roots and future

When: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 10:00 - Thursday, May 31, 2018 17:00
Where: Hotel Irena, 21 Storozhenko Str., Lviv, Ukraine

picture by Petar Milošević / CC BY-SA 4.0

Sallux and the Foundation Democratic Initiatives (Ukraine) are glad to invite political, civic and church activists, experts, analysts and others from Ukraine and neighboring countries to this international conference.During this conference the Ukrainian translation of the publication: “Deeply Rooted” will be presented by its author Jeff Fountain.

Deeply rooted takes you by the hand in the footsteps of Robert Schuman, founding father of the European Union. 

During the conference many topics will be addressed:

  • The idea of European solidarity
  • Conception of United Europe in thought of founding fathers of EU United Europe on basis of Christian values
  • Ukrainian politics and Christian values
  • For a better Europe – Christian solutions for Eastern Europe
  • Cooperation in Eastern Europe – common projects etc.


Do you wish to participate?

Contact Sallux by for more information and application rules because of limited places available. Send your request before 18th of May 2018.



Jeff Fountain – famous author, writer, director Robert Schuman Foundation for European Studies, and author of ‘Living as people of hope’ and ‘Deeply Rooted’, the story of the forgotten vision of Robert Schuman, ‘father of Europe’ and principle architect of Europe’s post-war peace. Jeff was director of YWAM Europe 1990-2009, and although originally from New Zealand, is a naturalized Dutchman.



Johannes de Jong – director of Sallux Foundation

Managing director Johannes de Jong has been working for Sallux since it’s start in 2011. He has been focusing on economy and international relations with a specific attention to those who are quickly overlooked in the global economy and geopolitics. Sallux means Salt & Light. For him salt means that we as Christians need to be sharp and clear (‘salted debate’) and practical in order to prevent that the most oppressed are forgotten in economy and international relations. Light means for him that it is often necessary to shed a new light at the issues and to work on new paradigms in order to find solutions that solve the underlying issues in the challenges we are confronted with.



Christiaan Meinen – manager of Sallux Foundation

Christiaan has gained a lot of experience in several administrative, supportive and events creating positions, projects and jobs. Christiaan works for Sallux | ECPM Foundation. Christiaan has an interest in geopolitics, (EU) foreign policies, sustainability, and military doctrine, technologies, and policies. Christiaan is member of the drafting committee of this conference.

Ukrainian scholars and politicians, civic and church activists.



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