Publications » European Security, Turkish Foreign Policy and Article 5 of the NATO Treaty
European Security, Turkish Foreign Policy and Article 5 of the NATO Treaty
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Subtitle: By Johannes de Jong and Christiaan Meinen

Key takeaways from this paper:

1. The EU, US, Canada and NATO are struggling with the question of how to deal with Turkish aggression. This publication offers an overview of that aggression and a viable way forward. The strategy that this publication suggests is that NATO Member States, backed by their Parliaments or Congress, will state that Turkey can no longer count on protection based on Article 5 of the NATO Treaty until Turkey changes its behaviour.

2. This publication gives an overview of Turkish aggression since 2013 and demonstrates that this aggression is consistent with the ideological agenda of the current Turkish government under Erdogan. The domestic oppression of Kurds, opposition, and all forms of free speech mirrors that agenda as well.

3. To counter this aggression this publication outlines the interpretation of Article 5 of the NATO Treaty as described by NATO itself. From there, this publication explains why it would be consistent with democratic principles, the NATO Treaty, and helpful for EU, US and NATO security to make it clear to Turkey that it is no longer protected under Article 5 until it changes its behaviour. This will force Turkey to concentrate on its own security instead of the current expansionist agenda. For this, no change of the NATO Treaty or Turkish membership of NATO is needed.

4. The publication closes with a call to politicians in Europe, the US, and Canada to muster the courage to stand up for human rights and security and reassure our citizens, and our men and women in uniform now that no sacrifices will be made to defend Turkey in its current state.