News » EES2016: “Business and Economics Promoting Justice, Integrity and Human Flourishing.”

Friday, September 9, 2016

EES2016: “Business and Economics Promoting Justice, Integrity and Human Flourishing.”

We are living in tumultuous times. Our societies are being shaken by the large influx of those fleeing war and violence in their home nations. Political instability is exacerbating the threat of yet another economic downturn that has the potential to equal, if not exceed, the one in 2008. A lack of adherence to ethical standards, over indebtedness and low levels of productivity and innovation have formed a toxic mixture. It is clear that just trying to “fix” the current system will not work in the long run. In the midst of all of this however the words ring out: “do not fear.” There is wisdom available for those who humbly seek it.

The aim of the European Economic Summit 2016 was to seek the wisdom available from models nurtured from Christian tradition, faith and thought. During the 2014 Summit new business and economic paradigms were presented that emphasized the central role of relationships and mutuality. These paradigms are rapidly coming of age and in 2016 we examined how they can be used to promote justice, integrity and human flourishing in the times in which we live. The emphasis was placed on how these paradigms can help to revitalize our economies, promote community, facilitate job creation for all including refugees, combat systemic poverty and injustice and promote the emergence of human trafficking-free zones.

The EES was again a very well-attended event where business, politics and civil society met to discuss these fundamental questions in a series of plenaries and workshops.

The content of this event will be processed towards new Sallux papers in 2017.