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Monday, November 26, 2018

Event report: ‘Actions speak louder than Words’ Conference 2018

‘Actions speak louder than Words’ Conference 2018

A conference was held in Malta to address many of Malta’s and Europe’s current Christian and political problems. This conference was organized by thinktank Sallux and the Maltese party Alleanza Bidla (AB). The aims of the conference were to (i) create local awareness and generate a supportive environment for the development of Christian party representation; (ii) to produce a resolution during the conference via solid proposals agreed upon by all attending members and (iii) to present the resolution to relevant EU institutions, the Maltese government and to the Media.

The conference

The conference was attended by distinguished guests, political activists, professionals and Christians. Speakers carried forward a common underlying theme through all their presentations which centered around ‘Bringing God back to government’. The aim was to present and discuss the risks that Christ-centered leadership could face as Christian values are slowly being eroded and taken away. Key speakers as well as current MEPs put forward action steps in their attempt to face the challenges ahead. A video link showing Gerhard Marx CEO of Unashamedly Ethical encouraged attendees to sign up to a global campaign for creating ethical business procedures in co-operation with international stakeholders. Unashamedly Ethical is guided by a founding vision to transform society through a stand for ethics, values and clean living. The conference was concluded by the reading and presentation of a resolution by Christian Meinen and Ivan Grech Mintoff.

The speakers

The list of speakers present on the day is provided below including a short commentary about their presentations:

Joe Aquilina (Catholic Voices): Experiencing the truth through Jesus Christ and empowering people to change Malta, speak out and stand up for Christian values. A brief overview of the political history in Malta addressing the clash between the Catholic church and the Labour party. Promoting a message to foster peace among nations. Understanding the possibility that being a Maltese catholic or Christian and a member of the Church hinders a person’s future in politics because of mixed perceptions in carrying out such a (dual) role in society.

Alexandra Tawaifi (Lawyer working for the European Centre for Law and Justice): A legal perspective of the current situation being faced by a local singing contestant and his rights being infringed upon. Understanding the impacts of being in a political Christian arena, facing the legal implications and what work can be done in this regard. 

Paul Vincenti (International speaker and Coach) How should we defend our views when others choose to shut us up? In a culture that is all about ‘me, myself and I’, what actions are to be taken to overcome this habitual attitude and find strength to make change? In this regard, others may not want Christians to speak the truth, because they themselves cannot defend their lies. This can be overcome by seeking to speak the truth even if a few are moved by it.

Eimert van Middelkoop (Former Dutch Minister of Defence,ChristenUnie party, the Netherlands) The impact of security on global change. Current shifts being experienced and the importance of staying rooted in God through one’s appointment in a political sphere.

Karin Heepen (Bündniss-C Christian Party, Germany) Political change that has been successfully carried out through the years and the importance of integration. How has collaboration with other religions worked over the years? An example of Islam as it transpires in Germany and understanding strategies to assist integration despite religious difference.

Gabriela Urbanova (European Christian Political Movement) Examples of successful international change and the idea of bringing youths together to make change as they stand up for their rights. Understanding the implications of standing up for one’s rights and how influential this can be in a political sphere.

Branislav Skripek (ECPM MEP, Brussels) Video recorded message

Edwin Caruana (Evangelist Leader Malta) Waking up to a reality were people choose to believe that we do not have a problem. Understanding times when people may feel they have lost the right to tell the government what to do. What steps can change this? What creates movement?

Christiaan Meinen (Sallux Foundation) Taking biblical principles and translating these principles into policy. Understanding the urgent need to fight corruption. Symbolism of the Justice monument in Malta and how it brings to light the fortitude Malta as a small nation in the Mediterranean had, in its past, stood up in the face of threat. The example should be even more relevant today in current times.

Peter Danku (Vice-chair Sallux, Representing Unashamedly Ethical) Understanding the meaning of being ‘salt and light’. The fight towards a Christ-centered leadership today. An introduction to the Unashamedly Ethical campaign which started in 2006 and the strategy it has aligned with three pillars including (i) commitment to ethics; (ii) values and (iii) clean living. Change that is being carried out globally and the impact on lives for better living.

Gerhard Marx (CEO Unashamedly Ethical) Video recorded message

Dr Graham Power (Chairman Unashamedly Ethical) Video recorded message

Ivan Grech Mintoff (Leader Alleanza Bidla) Reading of the resolution.

Dr. Rebecca Dalli Gonzi (Member Alleanza Bidla) Moderator


Concluding remarks

The overall message being sent out is: ‘let us no longer be bullied into silence’. A Christian is a good person with a desire to see justice happen. Electing Christian members into parliament is what can make change, as the truth lies solely in Jesus Christ. As more Christians stand up in response to current corrupt times, nations can be restored unto God.

Having moved out of Christianity, nations and states have allowed corruption to take place. As an ever-increasing challenge presents globalists to one side and national conservatives to the other, such polarity will not facilitate unity especially if times lead to scarce resources or war. Justice, ethics, morality and good governance are fruits of Christ-centered leadership which can be facilitated once believers work towards this common goal. Let us not water down the importance of carrying the messages of love poured out above by our speakers, to new heights and new audiences. The thirst for truth is a message of hope for our current times.

Now is the time to stand and act, since action speaks louder than words.