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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Event report: Christian Foreign Affairs Academy

Sallux in cooperation with the Christian Democratic Forum (KDF), KÉSZ and the Barankovics Foundation organized a study weekend with the conference of the Carpathian Diplomacy - Christian Foreign Academy. Over 40 young people participated in the event.

The three-day event was held on November 10-12. in Esztergom. The aim of the training was to create a common forum between 18-35 years of age, dedicated to Christianity, young people who are interested in or are interested in foreign affairs.

Experts, consultants, ambassadors and policy-makers at the forefront of the foreign affairs profession, both domestically and internationally, presented and discussed current issues. Immigration, minorities, European Defense policy and support for persecuted Christians were some of the topics discussed during the event.

In all of this the key question was how Christian values can determine the attitude of the policy maker and the policy itself when foreign affairs policies are written and conducted.

In addition to the above the conference offered masterclasses for negotiation, speech writing, protocols and diplomacy skills, as well as individual effectiveness and leadership skills, to prepare participants for the challenges of foreign affairs.

Sallux thanks Barankovics Foundation, KÉSZ and KDF for their hard work and excellent cooperation that resulted in a very successful event.