News » Event Report: Fifth annual Ceiliúradh Cois Life, Pro Life Dinner

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Event Report: Fifth annual Ceiliúradh Cois Life, Pro Life Dinner

 Sallux was partner in the annual Pro-Life dinner, called the Ceiliúradh Cois Life. This year the focus was on education and therefore the 2019 Dinner at 22 June supported the new European initiative of ‘Students for Life’ to create a European focused summit. This initiative was presented during the event.

This gathering was the fifth such event since its inauguration. Senator Mullen warmly congratulated all candidates in the recent local and European elections who publicly took a strong stand in defence of unborn children. He said the results proved that pro-life candidates can succeed and paved the way for the election of many more in the future. He said the immediate future for pro-life volunteers will involve engagement at a political level on protecting freedom of conscience for medical personnel and in ensuring positive alternatives to abortion become much more visible. He included the work done at European level with through the Parliamentary Assembly for the Council of Europe regarding conscience issues as well as palliative care together with European partners.

Eilís Mulroy of the Pro Life Campaign thanked all the supporters, Sallux, other partners, donors and volunteers of the Pro Life Campaign for their commitment and commented that the huge turnout for the dinner is further proof that the pro-life movement is resilient and re-energised following last year’s abortion referendum. She said particular encouragement should be taken from the very noticeable high numbers of young people who attended. A publication on the occasion of this event was published and shared among Sallux and PLI supporters.

More details about the event can be found on the webpage of the Pro Life Campaign.