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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Event Report: Making The Case for Freedom

Credits: Matz Nilsson/David Wilkinson  

‘Human Rights & Free Speech in Europe Today’

Together with the European Jewish Association and the Shema foundation, we had the pleasure to be hosting Dennis Prager at the European Parliament in Brussels on June 19th in the European Parliament in Brussels.

The conference was moderated by Shema co-founder Ruth Isaac, hosted by ECPM President Branislav Škripek MEP and the panel included Hungarian State Secretary Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky and the European Jewish Association Founder & Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin who was speaking on the issue of freedom of religion as it relates to Jewish life and antisemitism in Europe today. All speakers presented an in-depth case on the present state of freedom of speech and religion in Europe. It was followed by a lively discussion on key issues related to the future of freedom. There was a sizeable audience present in the event.

We thank Shema Institute for their efforts and we thank all speakers for their contributions to the discussion.