News » Event Report: The European Union’s policies concerning Jerusalem and the “Two-state Solution”

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Event Report: The European Union’s policies concerning Jerusalem and the “Two-state Solution”

A seminar on the legal status of Jerusalem under international law and the future of the Two-state Solution, organized by the William Wilberforce Institute in the Czech Republic in cooperation with  Sallux and The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation (thinc.) took place on January 8-9 2019 in the Czech Parliament in Prague.

In 2018 the State of Israel turned 70, hoewever, peace between Israel and the Palestinians seems as far away as ever. Since the 1970’s, the idea has developed that international law requires resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict by creating a State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, and borders based on the ‘1967 lines’  ̶  the so-called Two-state Solution. Is this correct?

The fair and unbiased application of the Rule of Law in international relations is an essential component of the peaceful resolution of conflicts between nations.
 Unfortunately, the international legal system is at risk of manipulation by groups of nations to achieve military or ideological ends (lawfare). A striking example is the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The role of the EU was and is essential. How does the EU position itself in this conflict and is this position founded in a fair application of International Law?
The well-attended conference went in-depth in the matter and went beyond the usual pro and contra slogans. 
The founding of the modern states of the Middle East and the current developments in the wider region were part of the discussion.

Sallux thanks Thinc and the William Wilberforce Institute for our excellent cooperation and great result.