News » Event Report: Towards a Europe of Stakeholder Nations

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Event Report: Towards a Europe of Stakeholder Nations

As the EU is approaching the next European Parliament elections there is more need than ever for a constructive middle ground between ‘more Brussels’ and ‘no Brussels’.
The ‘Confederal Europe’ project aims to provide a positive case for confederal reform. It is possible to be pro-EU without allocating more competences to the EU institutions.
Sallux, therefore, presented on April 11 its second publication in the ‘Confederal Europe project’ that emphasizes the relations between the peoples and nations of Europe and is pointing a way forward based on the Judeo-Christian roots of the EU in the spirit of the EU founding fathers.

Dr. Paul Mills and David Lee (both writers of the publication) presented the thinking behind the publication in a very clear way. There was clear interest for an alternative beyond a simple rejection of a centralist EU. A panel of ECPM MEP’s and candidate MEP’s responded to the ideas and concepts in the publication. 

We thank all those who contributed for the excellent cooperation to realize this event.