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Monday, December 17, 2018

Event report: Training Young Politicians

Background. Areopagus is a Romanian NGO established in 1998 with a long-track record of continuous successful activities in the area of promoting Christian values at all levels of political, social, economic, cultural and educational life in Romania and beyond. With its long-standing know-how experience, Areopagus participated in the establishment of the initial European Christian Political Movement (Areopagus’ President at the time was one of the members of the initial Board of directors of ECPM) being among the first NGOs members of the European Christian Political Foundation/SALLUX network.


 The program for 2018 is a natural continuation of the previous year’s work. As such, it seeks to deepen the quality and the potential of the targeted group. The main core group is basically the same, with some other interested people invited for the larger, public events. The group basically consists of ten former students in social sciences (politics, international relations, sociology, etc.) as well as some mature Christians interested in active politics. They were selected from local universities, as well as various local Christian communities. The group includes an Orthodox minister, active in the cultural and political life in Timisoara.  


The main goal of the project remained the same, offering in-depth coaching, preparing the group to reflect, understand and promote politics with integrity in Romania. It also sought to consolidate a more permanent reflection group, which is now already being formed and committed to continue to get together monthly into 2019. The purpose is to continue the work by studying and producing consistent materials dealing with topics related to the articulation and appropriation of a Christian perspectives on the various challenges facing our contemporary world. The intention is to stimulate academically informed knowledge, to consolidate a relevant Christian perspective and to produce high quality papers on the role of the Christian faith in socio-political, economic and cultural  life.  


The program involved the hosting of five working-table meetings (April, June, Sept, October, November), each having a number of special guests. The list included respected academics such as Prof. Radu Carp, Director of the Doctoral School of Political science, University of Bucharest.

Open public event The public event was hosted on the in March 2018 under the auspices of SALLUX and Areopagus, at the Areopagus Center in Timisoara. The main speaker was Theodor Baconschi, one of the most important/influential Christian thinkers of Romania and a reputable Diplomat. Dr. Baconschi is a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, a seasoned diplomat who completed postings as Romanian Ambassador to the Vatican, to France and to Portugal. He is also a prolific Christian writer and thinker. The event attracted over 70 participants, mainly students and professionals from various professions, all interested in the role and the place of Christian thought in contemporary life. The event is available on the webpage of the Areopagus Centre.


Publishing/disseminating the proceedings. Besides uploading some of the main events on the web, the winning projects delivered by the trainees thorough their periodical assignments are going to be published on line and the first two in print. This year the prizes consisted on the acquisition of a number of major important academic works dealing with topics such as religion, politics and human rights.