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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Event Report Webinar "The EU Corona Budget, an emotional moment for the EU"

There is a lot at stake when it comes to the EU Corona Budget. The Commission proposed a 750 billion euro emergency package which created a lot of debate and controversy. There is a lot of focus by the media at the debate at the level of the leaders of the EU 27 Member States. However this focus is often not informative when it comes to the content of the proposal. Neither is this focus of the media reflecting at the emotions among the people in the various member-states.

Sallux wants to provide both. We aim to provide some insight in the reactions in the member-states and in the content of the proposal. First of all with reflections written by young professionals from various member-states at the Coronacrisis and EU solidarity as well as the sovereignty of the member-states and the emotions that this situation and the debate around the Commission proposal created. These reflections are published here and will provide input in the run-up to the webinar which will took place on 16th July at 11:00 (Amsterdam/Berlin time).

Key speaker in the webinar was economist Mr. Rosen Ivanov who has years of experience in Central Banking and the ECB and had much to share on EU. He reflected on the content of the Commission proposal. But before that the webinar featured a summary of the reflections brought in from the various member-states for which we asked some young professionals from our network, who have a sense of the issues at stake and could at the same time express the feelings living in their culture/country on this situation.

We hope that our approach has been a useful addition to the discussion!

The entire Zoom webinar is to be reviewd on: Youtube (Sallux_Official)

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