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Saturday, February 28, 2015

International Lounge at Congress of Christian Leaders

The CPFE in co-operation with the World Evangelical Alliance, hosted the International Lounge of the “Congress of Christian Leaders” (Kongress Christliche Führungskräfte (KCF)) that took place between 26 and 28 February 2015 in Hamburg, Germany. The Congress was attended by 3000 participants.

The goal of the Congress is to  present bible‐based principles for economics and business and promote Christian values in public life. As these goals are similar to those of the CPFE and as the Congress has a growing international audience, this international lounge was an excellent way to bring together the CPFE and its speakers and ideas and the audience of the Congress.

During the lounge leaders of business and politics met together with many Congress participants. In the lounge business leaders from Ukraine and Paraguay presented themselves and we had the pleasure to listen to Mr. Martin Daum, CEO of Daimler USA who spoke eloquently on integrating Christian ethics in business.

Mrs. Marjon Busstra introduced relational thinking as reality and value-based concept for a new economy and the global age. Mrs. Arleen Westerhof presented the European Economic Summit as an important way to translate these relational values into concrete business models and economic concepts. Sam Mason of the Christian Institute presented the friction between freedom of business and conscience on the one hand and new regulations on the other hand and how business leaders can become involved in this debate.

The international lounge also provided an excellent platform to discuss the presence of Christians in the European public sphere. Katharina von Schnurbein explained how the European Comission engages with all faith communities in Europe and how they can interact at this level. John Lennox provided an outline of how Christians can be clear and constructive in the public debate. Jeff Fountain invited all those interested to the State of Europe Forum as the next important CPFE event where this issue would be discussed in-depth.

The CPFE had the honour and pleasure to have two ECPM MEP’s as final speakers in the Lounge. The Lounge was packed when Mrs. Beatrix von Storch (ECR/AfD, Germany) and Mr. Arne Gericke (ECR/Familien, Germany) shared their experiences as Christian MEP’s with the public. This was clearly an encouraging call for Christians to be engaged in politics in Europe.  

The CPFE thanks the KCF and the WEA for the excellent co-operation. The CPFE is grateful for all contributions of all speakers as they clearly encouraged the attendants of the Lounge to become and stay engaged in the public debate and to make Christian values work in many different spheres of life.  

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