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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

International Lounge with impact

From 23 to 25 February Sallux and the World Evangelical Alliance hosted the International Lounge at the bi-annual Congress for Christian Leaders (Kongress Christliche Fuhrungskrafte 2017), this time in Nuremberg.

A wide range of speakers addressed the core challenges that Europe is facing. From the future of the Euro to the rise of populism to the terrorist threat. Speakers like Dr. Schluter challenged the existing paradigms during the Congress. The core idea of relational thinking and a relational economy found wide interest, especially among young people attending the event.

The questions on sustainable investment, startups and reinvigorating the business climate and international business initiatives were a major part of the Lounge program. Several intitiatives in these fields were presented by a wide range of speakers.

In addition the situation of the Church in Europe and worldwide was discussed in-depth by major speakers like the General-Secretary of the World Evangelical Alliance Bishop Tendero. The situation of the Church in the Middle East in the face of ISIS was discussed in a special part of the program.

The Lounge closed with a debate between Dr. Ted Malloch and MEP Arne Gericke on the rise of Donald Trump and the impact that his election will have at the EU. The conclusion of this debate was that it is important to try to both respect and understand each other better and deeper and that this will be helpful to build a sustainable relation between the US and EU which is indispensable for global stability.

More information on the program you will find here. The sessions with speakers will be placed on our brand new Youtube canal : Sallux_Official