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Friday, June 24, 2011

Report first ECPF General Assembly of Members

The ECPF can look back at its successful first General Assembly of Members after its official recognition by the European Parliament.

This first Members Assembly took place at 24 June in the Romanian Parliament. The ECPF assembly was chaired by its president David Fieldsend who opened the meeting with a prayer and welcomed all present for this special moment for the ECPF.

A short presentation provided a general introduction of the ECPF to those who were present as observers. The ECPF was introduced as a connecting, informing and ‘thinking’ organization that can deliver the much needed European co-operation in terms of content, research and policy development for those who are inspired by Christian faith in their work in society and politics.

The new member-organizations were announced and shortly introduced and all present welcomed the quick growth of the organization since its recognition by the European Parliament. All members of the Board were confirmed in their positions by the member-organizations. The Board is grateful for the trust from the members of the ECPF.

Mr. Fieldsend introduced Johannes de Jong as manager of the ECPF who will be available as full-time staff of the organization. The manager then gave an in-depth presentation with opportunity for Q&A of the goals of the ECPF, the year program and the financial situation of the ECPF.

Dr. Sander Luitwieler gave an introduction of the ECPF study project ‘Europe’s Values’ which was greeted as a very valuable project in the framework on the debate on the soul of Europe.

The Chair thanked all present for their presence and input during this first members assembly of the ECPF. The ECPF trusts that this event will prove to be an invitation to become more involved in the process of co-operation in Europe.